domenica 14 giugno 2020

Morte a Bologna in TSO Edhmund Hiden - Edhmund Hiden died in Bologna Italy during a forced psychiatrc treatment

On May 26th 2008 Edhmund Hiden went, voluntarily, to the Otonello hospital in Bologna, Italy, because he felt sick, suffered, did not sleep. He was immediately tied to a bed all night long. In the morning the psychiatrist approached him with a syringe. He, as foreseen by voluntary health treatment, wanted to go home, but nobody listened to him. He prayed in his language and said confused things, this for psychiatrists was schizophrenia.To give him the injection, two patrols held him still, even though he was already tied up at the restraint bed. He died of cardiac arrest. He left his pregnant wife and a sister. It is not clear yet why the police were with 2 patrols inside the ward. The whole Nigerian community protested in front of the government building.
Edhmund was very high, in Italy there is a higher percentage of tall and big people who die in psychiatric institutions.

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