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How Rockefeller Found Big Pharma AND Waged War On Natural Cures

It has been said that the Rockefeller family has affected modern society to a degree but what most do not realize is just how much they have made an impact. The family name has now been linked to the suppression of natural medicine to found big pharmaceutical companies and make big money.
The West Has the Best and Most Profitable Healthcare in the World

The west is home to some of the best healthcare in the world. Anyone in an emergency which needs prompt medical treatment is better off than those living elsewhere. In the west, people receive healthcare that is much better than what is offered in an establishing nation. However, it is often overlooked that healthcare is now a multi-trillion dollar industry in the west.

The mainstream medicine of today is based on treating people who are ill with drugs, radiation, and operations that are very pricey. What many people do not realize is that the Rockefeller family was the first to recognize the opportunity to take full advantage of what has become an ecosystem with huge profits.
Anyone Questioning Big Pharma Is Branded a Quack and Conspiracy Theorist

Today we live in a world of social media censorship, and anyone who even dares to question the intentions of any of the big pharmaceutical companies is branded insane and given the label of a crazed conspiracy theorist. Any information brought forward about recovery residential or commercial properties of holistic practices and plants that cannot be patented are branded phony news as they are considered to threats to the drugs of the big pharmaceutical companies.

John D. Rockefeller realized the opportunity first. He was an oil mogul who was the first person in the USA to become a billionaire. By the start of the 20th century, he had 90% control over oil refineries in the US with his company Standard Oil. In 1900, researchers came across petrochemicals, and they found out that it was possible to make many chemicals out of oil. The first plastic, which was Bakelite, was made in 1907 from oil.

Turning Point Came On Realization Pharmaceutical Drugs Could Come From Oil

The turning point came when researchers found out that vitamins could be produced from oil and presumed pharmaceutical drugs. This was a financially rewarding opportunity for Rockefeller as he concluded that he could monopolize not only the oil business but also chemical and medical industries. Petrochemicals were a new discovery that could be patented and which would bring about maximum revenues. The only thing stopping Rockefeller was the fact that herbal and natural remedies were popular in the USA at that time. About half of the medical professionals in the US were practicing holistic medicine, based on understandings from Europeans and Native Americans.

This meant that Rockefeller had to get rid of what was significant competition. He made use of a strategy that was time-proven, problem-reaction-solution. The concept works when developing an issue that would bring terror to people and then offer them a solution that was pre-planned. He got the help of Andrew Carnegie; he had made lots of money monopolizing the steel industry. The Carnegie Foundation sent Abraham Flexner on a trip around the nation, and he was given the task of reporting the status of medical facilities along with the medical colleges in the United States. This led to the Flexner Report, and this eventually led to modern medication of today.
Flexner Report Led To Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Jailed

The report stated that a revamp was needed along with the centralization of medical institutions. Following the report, half of the medical colleges were closed down. Natural medications and homeopathy were rubbished, and some of the medical professionals who practiced holistic medicine were sent to prison. Rockefeller gave over $100 million to medical facilities and colleges to help with the transition and to try to change the minds of doctors and researchers. The General Education Board was also founded.

Not long after medical colleges became homogenized and structured and students realized that medicine utilized drugs that were patented. Scientists were also given huge grants to study recovery residential or commercial properties of different plants, and how they were able to cure diseases. What they were really doing was finding the chemicals in the plants and then recreating the compound so that it could be patented.

Cures for Illnesses Such As Cancer Would Be Bad For Business

100 years later and medical colleges produce doctors who do not know anything about holistic practices or the many benefits that herbs have to offer. The government in the United States invests 15% of the Gross domestic item in mainstream health care. This is a system focusing on symptoms, and it produces a flurry of repeat paying clients that is never-ending.

Despite much advancement in medicine, there is still no cure for cancer, diabetes, autism, asthma or even the common cold. Cures for any of these illnesses would only be bad for business. John D. Rockefeller was even behind the establishment of the American Cancer Society in 1913.

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