venerdì 9 giugno 2017

Carnival des voix - Carnevale delle voci - giugno 2017 

Free workshops for those who struggle with experiences like hearing voices that get called names like “psychosis”, and that can be isolating and difficult to live with, and difficult to talk about.
Following on from capacity-building workshops in Durham region in Spring 2017 and the start of Hearing Voices Cafe in Oshawa,  we are working in collaboration with CMHA Durham and Durham Mental Health Services, to pilot innovative new workshops for people who struggle with difficult experiences like hearing voices that get “called psychosis”.
These pilot workshops will be free to attend for anyone who lives with kind of experiences and is looking for a safe environment in which to try new ways of expressing what they experience.

There will be two workshops, one each in Oshawa and Ajax.
CMHA Durham
60 Bond Street West
4th Floor
Contact: Jenn Wynne:  905.436.8760 x103
Post Hill Apartments
2nd floor recreation room
132 Kingston Rd., Ajax 
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