sabato 19 agosto 2023

5a. Marcha del Orgullo Loco México 19-08-2023

As part of the Crazy Pride Days 2023, we present:

5th March of the Crazy Pride Mexico 2023
Towards the Crazy Justice!
Saturday 19th August
14:00 hours
Mexico City
The Madness Route
Angel of Independence - Star of Light
Social Media: Mad Pride Mx
Don't miss out! There will be crazy surprises 🖤 🔥
Activity 1 of 3 ❤️🔥
Jamming it up 🔥
The Days of Crazy Pride Mexico 2023 are a collaborative effort between the Orgullo Loco Mexico Network and the RedEsfera Latinoamericana for Crazy Cultures, Psychosocial Diversity, Justice, Good Living and the Right to Delusion.

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