venerdì 19 giugno 2020

Phoebe Sparrow Wagner - The guards to strip me naked and place me in 4-point restraints.

by Phoebe Sparrow Wagner - facebook

This photo is of Michael E Balkunas MD who is (or was) chief of inpatient Psychiatry at New Britain General Hospital (aka Hospital of Central Connecticut) in 2014 when he allowed and even encouraged nurses on the W-1 unit to instruct the guards to strip me naked and place me in 4-point restraints. They then held me face down in a stranglehold, compressing my face and neck under a towel, in order to inject me with three punishment drugs, before locking the door behind them. And when I informed this “doctor” what they had done he called me a liar ... But I was not lying and he knew how bad it was as he said, “My staff would NEVER do that...” well they did do that and worse...I hope Michael E Balkunas MD gets caught or prosecuted some day.

By the way, Connecticut’s Protection and Advocacy (now CT Disability Rights) was worse than useless at helping me. They assigned me a disbarred lawyer as my “advocate” and when he continued to lie and to neglect me (and others) they fired him and then dumped me.

I frankly have nothing but contempt for all of these people and hope they all rot in hell.

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