giovedì 30 gennaio 2020

Beyond the Psychology Industry - How Else Might We Heal? with Jhilmil Breckenridge

Important book published by Springer, edited by Paul Rhodes. From social prescribing to alternatives to psychology, this book demonstrates that healing is a human enterprise.
Available for preorder and looking so good!!

This book provides a scholarly yet accessible approach to critical psychology, specifically discussing therapeutic practices that are possible outside of the mainstream psychology industry. While there are many books that deconstruct or dismantle clinical psychology, few provide a compendium of potential alternatives to mainstream practice. Focusing on five main themes in reference to this objective: suffering, culture and decolonization, dialogue, feminism and the arts, these pages explores types of personal inquiry, cultural knowledge or community activity that might help explain and heal suffering and pain beyond the confines of the psychology industry. Chapters focus on the role of cultural knowledge, including spiritual traditions, art, poetry, feminism, indigenous practices and feminism in promoting healing and on community practices, including open dialogue, justice-based practices and social prescribing, as well as provide theoretical and practice-based developments within in each of these discourses. Beyond the Psychology Industry will be of interest to researchers, clinical psychologists, therapists, academics in mental health, and cultural psychologists. 

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