lunedì 13 marzo 2017

Paula Joan Caplan - When Johnny and Jane Come Marchung Home 

On Monday, March 13, from 1-2 p.m., I will be a guest on "Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends" to talk about two of my related essays, "Myths are Used to Justify Depriving People Diagnosed as Mentally Ill of Their Human Rights" and "The Naked Emperor and the Vanishing Veteran." You can listen to it and post comments or questions (that the producer checks during the show) at http:/​/​​listen If you live in Brevard County, FL, you can listen at AM 1510 WMEL or on FM stations - 94.7, 99.9, and 100.7 To listen to the archived show after we do it live, you may go to or look for the specific link and blog essay about it at that site.

The Truth About Trump and Psychiatric Diagnosis -- The Lightbulb Has to Want to Change is my new post at http:/​/​​entry/​58abb3b0e4b0417c4066c22b NO ONE on either side of this debate has written about the crucial points I note in the essay. Also available in Blog section of this Authors Guild website.

New essay on Blog page here -- Valentine's Day Alarm: Violence Against Women by Budget Cuts

Please read it and post, tweet, forward. Thank you.

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