sabato 18 marzo 2017

Cause of Death: Unknown -- International Trailer

Tomorrow I am going to see the documentary 'Cause of Death: Unknown'. Uncovering psychiatries trail of death (see description further down)
However what is interesting is the corruption unfolding around the film. Originally the panel debate for afterwards included Peter Gøtzsche but then a short while ago big pharma Lundbeck suddenly enters onto the scene 'supporting' the film festival and whooptie the panel now consists of pro drugs people. A psychiatrist on Lundbecks pay list a person who has been labeled by psychiatry and a doctor who is part of the Danish 'FDA' (Lægemiddelstyrelsen) and worked in the drug industry.
So they will drivel and blather on about the wonders of their pseudoscience denying the appalling damage and death they do to millions of people around the world. Let's hope the discussion regarding the actual documentary doesn't get lost because of Lundbeck's disciples.
"After her sister died suddenly and unexpectedly while being treated with prescription antipsychotics, director Anniken Hoel begins a global investigation into the crimes of the pharmaceutical industry, the unheralded growth of psychiatric diagnoses and medication, and the corruption of the government regulatory agencies that have failed, repeatedly, to protect us. Made over a ten-year period, the film is simultaneously personal and investigative as it follows Anniken as she seeks answers regarding not only the death of her sister, but of the tens of thousands worldwide who have also met a similar fate. Deaths and damages that until now have been all but ignored. Beginning in a small town in Norway, and journeying through Scandinavia, the EU and the US, the chilling documentary-thriller CAUSE OF DEATH: UNKNOWN exposes the inner workings and motivations of a powerful industry that continually puts profits before people, and has been far too influential in defining who is normal and who is "ill"."

Ps there are still tickets available!

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