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(watercolor on paper 11"x15")

Today the 26th of January is the 41st anniversary of the first time I was given nitrous oxide for pain relief during labour. This took me on a long path of more the 3 decades of continual iatrogenic harm which was disguised as so called 'mental illness'. Thankfully I eventually realized I was indeed being harmed by the very people who were misguided in believing that causing brain damage is good for some. Unfortunately many more people are being harmed today in 2017 and children of all ages are included - even future children in the womb. Michelle Irizarry is a very gifted artist and is using her talent so well to get the message out that many of us who were medically harmed are misunderstood and receive further trauma and harm by being labelled 'mentally ill' and denied our human rights.

Thanks so much Michelle for helping me and others to heal.

(watercolor on paper 11"x15")

Disclaimer: NEVER cold turkey a medication. Consult your doctor and do your own independent research when starting or discontinuing a medication.

AN ADVERSE DRUG REACTION IS NOT MENTAL ILLNESS, it's just that, an adverse drug reaction that will likely self-correct in time. That is, if no more drugs are added to the picture!

Today I present to you my friend Mary, mother of two and happily married. Mary is the founder of "Mind Freedom Ireland" which she founded in 2003:

Mind Freedom Ireland has produced a documentary which you can watch here:

You can see a video of Mary talking about her psychiatric drugging story here:

Here is a presentation by Benjamin Lynch, ND, expert on MTHFR mutations and how those with these mutations are vulnerable to adverse effects from nitrous oxide (laughing gas commonly used in dentistry nowadays and being used more and more for pain management during labor). I personally happen to have some of these MTHFR mutations and thanks to Dr. Lynch's research I know to avoid nitrous oxide.
"It was in January 1976 that I was seriously harmed by medics for the first time. It began during my first and only pregnancy and it was during labour that I receive nitrous oxide for the first time. Because the labour was long and hard I was given strong amounts of this toxic gas. It immediately distorted my personality and increased my fears. As the labour went on I received a neuroleptic called Sparine at least 2 times until it was noticed that I had an ‘allergic’ reaction. Then when my baby was born while I was breastfeeding for the first two days I received more psychotropic drugs. I was then transferred to a psychiatric institution on the third day and given a bolt of electroshock followed by many more, as the weeks went on, separated from my firstborn. Sometimes I was given more than one electroshock at a time! During this time also I received Redeptin, Stelarine, Cogentin and Sernace to mention a few many at the same time and others on and off.

This first sever iatrogenic experience was never looked into by all of the several ‘medics’ I was unfortunate to encounter over 3 decades later. I continued to be harmed until the year 2,000 when I finally freed myself from the toxic substances which continued to harm me and never did me any good. Then I found a way to recover myself with the support of like minded people and thankfully have been recovering and thriving ever since."
--Mary Maddock 1/23/2017

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