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Un articolo interessante di Paula Joan Caplan e un disegno di Mac Mcgill

The live art of Mac McGill, accompanied by the LES Effect! — con Mac Mcgill

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Revisiting the TMAP Scandal: J&J Paid Allen Frances to Develop Schizophrenia Guideline

In a commentary published in the University of Ottawa nursing journal Aporia, Paula Caplan writes about how Allen Frances and two other academic psychiatrists were paid by Johnson & Johnson in the late 1990s to write a practice guideline that identified Risperdal, the company's new atypical antipsychotic, as a preferred treatment for schizophrenia.
This fact was first revealed in a 2010 report by David Rothman, who was hired as an expert witness by the state of Texas when it sued J&J for Medicaid fraud in its marketing of Risperdal. Frances, who directed the task force that authored DSM-IV, has written a response to Caplan's article on Huffington Post.
Caplan, Paula. Diagnosisgate: Conflict of Interest at the Top of the Psychiatric Apparatus. Aporia. Volume 7, Issue 1. (Full text)
'Diagnosisgate' Deconstructed and Debunked (The Huffington Post, March 6, 2015)

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