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I update you about the Niguarda affair

I update you about the Niguarda affair:
1°: on  2010 December the 13th, Milan’s Telefono Viola, together with some patient’s relatives, registered a complaint to the Milan’s Public Prosecutor’s Office, whose object concerns 5 death cases (3 more than those reported in my previous article) and 5 abuse and violence cases linked to the restraint (Rita F. after having been restrained to the bed, is forced to live on a wheelchair . In all these cases documentation and medical reports are lacking/missing.
2°: on  2010 December the 14th UNASAM (National Union of Mental Health’s Associations) asks for an inquiry to be open on Niguarda’s Psychiatric wards.
3° on  2010 December the 13th the City Councilwoman Chiara Cremonesi settles a Parliamentary Inquiry about the Niguarda affair.
4° on  2010 December the 13th Ignazio Marino, National Health Service Inquiry Commission’s president asks the NAS (Anti Sophistication Nucleus) Carabiniers an investigation.

I update you about Francesco Mastrogiovanni’s case:

-     On 2010 December the 6th’s hearing, all the exception raised by the accused have been rejected. The trial continues with the rite of immediate judgement.
-     On 2010 December 14th’s hearing: The judge rejects the requests to exclude the associations that instituted a civil action (Roma’s Telefono Viola, Unasam (National Union of Mental Health’s Associations), Robin Hood Association, Iniziativa Antipsichiatrica (Antipsychiatric Initiative).
-     On 2010 December the 22nd hearing: Francesco Mastrogiovanni family’s request is accepted to summon Salerno’s Asl (Hospital) as civil responsible.
-     On 2011 March the 22nd will have course the next hearing at 9.30 am, with a new Sit in by the Vallo Della Lucania’s Tribunal.

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